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Input for creating a space.

input CreateSpaceInput {
address: SpaceAddressInput
adminIds: [String!]
collectionId: ID
createdAt: DateTime
customSeoDetail: CustomSeoDetailInput
description: String
hidden: Boolean
imageId: String
inviteOnly: Boolean
layout: String
memberIds: [String!]
name: String!
nonAdminsCanInvite: Boolean
private: Boolean
seoDetail: SpaceSeoDetailInput
slate: SlateInput
slug: String
type: SpaceType
updatedAt: DateTime
whoCanPost: [SpaceRoleType!]
whoCanReact: [SpaceRoleType!]
whoCanReply: [SpaceRoleType!]
withRoles: Boolean


address (SpaceAddressInput)

adminIds ([String!])

collectionId (ID)

The id of the collection in which the space is created.

createdAt (DateTime)

customSeoDetail (CustomSeoDetailInput)

description (String)

The description of the space.

hidden (Boolean)

Is this space hidden?

imageId (String)

The id of the space image.

inviteOnly (Boolean)

Is this space invite only?

layout (String)

memberIds ([String!])

name (String!)

The name of the space.

nonAdminsCanInvite (Boolean)

private (Boolean)

Is this space a private space?

seoDetail (SpaceSeoDetailInput)

slate (SlateInput)

slug (String)

The slug of the space. It will be auto-generated if not provided.

type (SpaceType)

updatedAt (DateTime)

whoCanPost ([SpaceRoleType!])

whoCanReact ([SpaceRoleType!])

whoCanReply ([SpaceRoleType!])

withRoles (Boolean)