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Building with Bettermode

Thousands of businesses trust Bettermode to create and manage their communities—but they need the help of developers to build custom functionalities on top of Bettermode's community platform. Extending the capability of the community and bringing community touchpoints into an app are important because each community is unique and they have special requirements to achieve their goals.

That's why we built the Developer Portal. It is designed to empower developers so they can help community builders bring their ideas to life.

Top use cases

Here are the most in-demand use cases for inspiration:

Solve complex issues

Automating a workflow or syncing data? Build a custom app using our GraphQL API, Webhooks, and Liquid template engine that enables custom script injection. Check out the following examples:

1. Workflow automation

  • Add members automatically to certain Spaces based on the activities performed inside your app
  • Reward the top 3 most active community members every month with a gift voucher
  • Create custom moderation rules (e.g., the first post by a new member must go through the moderation panel)

2. Data synchronization

Building custom analytics dashboards to track important community metrics

3. Community engagement

Building an AI-powered bot that automatically responds to the first post by a member

Grow your business

Integrate Bettermode with your tool and get it published in Bettermode App Store to get access to thousands of new customers.