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Getting Started

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language and a runtime system. Clients form requests (called queries and mutations) by using the GraphQL query language, and the GraphQL server executes the request and returns the data in a response. Unlike REST APIs, which expose a different endpoint for each resource object, a GraphQL API makes all data available at a single endpoint. A client specifies exactly the data that it wants, and the server responds with only that data.

GraphQL looks similar to JSON. The following example shows a simple GraphQL query and the JSON response:

query {
member(username: "admin") {

JSON Response

"data": {
"member": {
"id": "2KONsPORsA",
"name": "Siavash",
"username": "admin",
"tagline": "CEO at Bettermode"

GraphQL Endpoint

All GraphQL requests should be sent as a POST request to the following address:

You can access Bettermode's GraphQL playground from the same address as well.


All requests to Bettermode's GraphQL endpoint should be authenticated using App Access Token or Bettermode Access Token.