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Getting Started

What is an app?

Bettermode Platform handles all the technical difficulties of building an online community or social network including member and content management, feed, notifications, moderation, analytics, and more. Bettermode Apps allows developers to extend the platform based on their needs.

Apps can perform actions on behalf of a bot account or a particular member. They can listen to events such as "Creation of a member" or "Creation of a post" through webhooks and act upon them. Apps can also inject custom scripts to the <head> and <body> tags.

Creating an app

To create an app, you can simply go to the developers portal, login with your email, and click on "Create a new app".

Create an app

Please note that all apps should have an owner community. Therefore, before creating an app you should be an admin of at least one Bettermode community with your email. If you don't have any community with admin access, you should create one here.

App collaborators

An app can be accessed by multiple accounts. This can allow multiple developers to work on the same app. App collaborators can access app's credentials, add or remove collaborators, modify the app, or delete it.

By default, the creater of the app and owner of the community that the app is built under (if not the same) have collaborator access to the app. Please note that the community owner cannot be removed from the collaborators. This is to ensure the community that owns the app always has access to the app.