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Getting Started

In Bettermode, app interactivity lies at the core of our platform, empowering developers to craft dynamic and engaging user experiences. Through the seamless integration of Dynamic Blocks and Shortcuts, apps can seamlessly communicate with the community's UI, fostering a wealth of interactions. These interactions extend beyond mere clicks and selections, allowing apps to execute various actions, gather vital data, and enhance the overall functionality of the platform.

Before diving in, let's take a look at the key concepts and terms that power the interactivity of apps within the community.

Dynamic blocks

Dynamic blocks are the versatile UI components that apps can seamlessly integrate into the community.

Every page/space in the community is composed of multiple blocks. Bettermode provides native blocks such as Posts list, Call to Action, Quick links, etc. out of the box. Developers can introduce new blocks, called dynamic blocks, through apps. These blocks can be added to any page in the community using the Customizer including the app's settings page, home page, and any page/space created through a space template or from scratch.


Shortcuts are the customizable items that can be added to the three-dots menu, offering additional actions for users. You can incorporate shortcuts in the following places within the platform:

  • Member profile
  • Post

Shortcut on post


Any user action, including clicks on the components of a dynamic block or shortcuts, is classified as an "Interaction." This functionality empowers apps to ensure that the dynamic blocks are fully interactive, allowing them to execute various actions and collect data from customers seamlessly. Through these interactions, apps can provide a richer and more engaging experience within the community.